Thursday 3 March 2016


Visitors of any sort are always fit subject for a narrative.
Here's a poem about a chance sighting of the unexpected
and the mental sojourn that ensued.....

If Anyone Could…

There were two of them on the road.
The headlamp picked them out.
Not in a bit of a hurry.
“Can I take a pic?” you ask.

Teens photo everything these days -
Not a second undocumented.
“No,” I say,
“Maybe they’ll still be there when you get back.”

The last I saw of them they were on the grass verge in front of Lulu’s-
She’d make short work of them.
The headlamp was on the blink-
It’s a wonder we spotted them at all.

It’s a wonder He didn’t notice his broken headlight
But He never notices anything-
Never replaces lids on jars, tubes, bottles-
His life one long endless 

Spill. I was thinking recipes on the way back-
Duck à l’Orange, Paté Fois Gras, stuff like that.
It would take a bit of skill to wring necks and pluck feathers.

And if Anyone could - He could.

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2016

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