Wednesday 30 March 2016

Thought for the Day

How does the man who wakens up from the coma know the pin code that the bank is about to post out to him?
Do we live in non linear time where we act out two or three lives in different centuries simultaneously?
Or are we time travelling through black holes and worm holes and cosmic strings?

And is that why we know, unlikely as it seems, that the fellow stooped over his pint thinking about the 3.20 at Cheltenham will be our future spouse?

And why we are not surprised that our first lover is trousered in bandy legs and sports tousled hair exactly like our schoolgirl crushed maths teacher?

Not knowing then, but knowing now, that when we calf-eyed him across the classroom we were at the other end of a worm hole and it was our future we were beholding?

According to World Scientific “almost all real systems are non-linear … and the whole is more than the sum of its parts”* and so… we know…we just know…


  1. I've got the full box set of Star Trek The Next Generation (7 years of it) and I know all about worm holes! But never thought of it from that angle!

  2. Well I know nothing about them, clearly, and have a very unscientific mind but I thought of you sketching from some of these pics...Have to go and read all of your prologue now that I have grasped the concept. Need to find the glasses....