Monday 7 March 2016

Open Sesame

I'm not much of a sketcher but one story I wrote did come out of a doodle.
I was attending one of those meetings where I had more interest in my shopping list than the agenda on offer so....
I took to doodling.
These scratches usually end up looking like a series of swirls and spirals
but this time a face in a balloon caught my attention.
 "And who are you??" I declared
The answer was a long winded rigmarole of a yarn that took a few weeks to unravel.

I published it on Amazon as an E-book as this is the quickest way to get a story out.
A friend of my daughters designed the cover from my doodle
And Hey Presto we were up and away on a journey to Ancient Greece.

The Blurb....

The  triple headed monster has been slain and the God Mars is on the warpath. If Sally doesn't perform her three tasks in Ancient Greece the warrior Cadmus will stay forever imprisoned in the hideous form of a snake, Sesame -Guardian of the Enchanted Tree.
Time is of the essence...
Join Sally in Ancient Greece

See link.....www.Open Sesame

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