Friday 20 May 2016

5 Rhythms

Gabrielle Roth's 5rhythms:

I don't know how to describe this... but it's dance which you let yourself go to.
Gabrielle Roth came up with the system and writes very passionately about it in her book Sweat Your Prayers. She also produced music to go with each stage in this movement sequence.

I was never a devotee but did enjoy dabbling in it and would say that emotion is released and explored through the movement which is performed spontaneously by you.
I remember tears, exhilaration, peace, relief and a whole range of feelings in between.
Pathway to creativity?
Spiritual practice?
If nothing else it is exercise!

Google it and give it a go if you haven't already.

The 5Rhythms

Looking out of the Big Blue Cafe window
The abbey sun-struck like your bright hazel eyes
You take me through the five rhythms

"Flowing is this," you say, wide-armed, gathering it to you.
In staccato your elbows slice and score the air.
Your head rocks to chaos, a smile breaking over you.
And Lyrical? I ask.
Stillness descends.

We take it out to Howth Harbour
Where yachts drift and speedboats tilt
Where chaos is in the watching.

On the pier you pause to pet a puppy dog
And anchor yourself in a footprint of Howth granite.
Ebullience and groundedness.
Lyrical, perhaps, is somewhere in between.

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2016


  1. It sounds like fun - I must try it some day. Do you like dancing, Cathy?

  2. So long as I can make up the steps!