Wednesday 11 May 2016

Elephants, Bulls & Ostriches

The Elephant in the room who thinks he’s a bull in a china shop

I’d rather shake hands with the elephant in the room
or paws or trunks or whatever.

Easier to not bat an eye lid
Pretend he’s not there -
Performing his two legged tricks
Standing on tables
Twirling full circle.

But sometimes if you don’t give him the nod-wink
He’ll charge, and trunk through that carefully sorted, 
stacked and shelved life of yours
Bringing it all down about your proverbial ears-
Thinking he’s a bull in a china shop.

So even if you don’t have any china
and you prefer to be an ostrich
with your head in the sand
Call a spade a spade, I say
And name your elephant

That’ll shift him in no time.

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2016

1 comment:

  1. The whole zoo is in this poem! Very true, though!