Monday 16 May 2016

A Sonnet

The challenge was put to me a while back to write in a more formal poetic style
and so I chose a sonnet.
I'm not sure that it really makes much sense but it does rhyme.
On love and loss...what else...???

On Mourning

If thou shoulds't think this day were made to mourne,
The clouds to gather there upon thy brow
And of this love's brief transit make a vow
To languish long, then thou wilt be forlorn.
And yet perhaps if thou shoulds't thus have sworn
True love to he whose passing on this morn
Leaves seas unchartered, watery depths unknown,
Thy heart adrift on life's great ocean torn.
Then Spring might follow fast on Winter's heel
And ships might drift to shore that storms have swept
And Peace come home to hearts with sorrow rent.
For it is known that true love it does kneel
In hommage to those hearts and minds that kept
The fires of love alive when hope was spent.

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2016

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