Wednesday 25 May 2016

What Page Are You On?

We've all been here.


You think you're on the same one
For seconds maybe

But chances are
You're really not
You just want to be
You just assume

It's reassuring
It's life affirming
It ticks boxes
Makes your heart sing

But truth be told .....a chapter or two on
You never were
And never are
Reading the same book

And for an inspiring story about a child with autism who paints like Monet see

1 comment:

  1. Extra hard when you're foreign! You have to find a common frame of reference. It's like people would talk about Gay Byrne, and you go "who's that?"

    Great story about the little autistic girl - beautiful girl and beautiful cat! I remember reading an article a long time ago by a man whose son was autistic and he compared his son's behaviour to a cat's - it's like they live in a parallel universe, they don't like to be crowded, they like to do their own thing, they don't show their love for a very very long time, but when you get to know them, you feel so special that they've let you in to their world!