Thursday 12 May 2016


Blue-Beard- A Warning

I have refused the Blue-Beard.
I have turned him down.
I have chosen not to wed
the bloody axe in my own head.

After a short time in his company
my belly said, "Run!"
I didn't do it -Might hurt his feelings!!
Such mercy for a Blue-Beard is downright foolish I know.

But I humoured him.
Played the game of happy guest.
"Nice tea. Did you make the scones yourself?"
He almost had me then, almost.

But something strayed.
Something not quite, not right.
He didn't get another chance.
I left him at the castle gate next time.

Now why court a Blue-beard at all?
You may well ask.
I was being nice.
Still being bloody nice!

Then something cracked in me.
Do you suppose it was my naivety?
I said, "No!"
He struggled a little with that-Just a little.

Then, "What the hell! Go!
Plenty more sisters wandering the forest
might let a Blue-Beard
take them home for tea."

But not me, Sisters, not me!

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