Tuesday 5 April 2022

Climate Change-Three Years left to change habits.....



My daughter whatsapps me this morning to tell me that the news on climate on Six One News is very depressing.

The news is just awful. They literally say the same thing about climate every time.”

I’d say she’s  right on the whole, though they probably add some extra findings each time which makes the news on climate even more alarming.

The result is that we all feel totally helpless and depressed.

I believe however that there is a general shift in the human consciousness that is going in the direction of action to slow down climate change but, given the snail’s pace of it, is it going to be enough?

Eamon Ryan yesterday suggested that we take shorter showers and walk/cycle instead of drive. My daughter says stop eating meat and forget the long haul flights.

There’s a long list of shoulds and shouldn’ts available to anyone who wants to make a change.

But we all know how hard it is to change any habits……………

I think a weekly/monthly check-in with a group of like minded people where we state our aspirations in the area of lowering our carbon footprint would help me.

It would focus the mind.

I would have to be accountable.

Others would have suggestions/ information that could be helpful.

In fact, all you really need is one other person to work with.

And compassion....for we all fall off the bandwagon.

I think my daughter will be getting a call…..

And thank you, daughter, for prompting me to write this poem. It's really more about noise/air pollution. While we need the building, the houses, the retrofitting etc etc our quality of life suffers in the interim and the noise never does abate.Photo above is a view from my garden....



Our morning bird song is punctuated

by the roar of traffic wakening

of crane trucks, cement trucks

dump trucks arriving

of building site hammering

of concrete bulldozing

of patio power hosing

of garden redesigning

or house reconstructing

of reconfigurating

or retrofitting

or updating

of HGVs supplying

or skip dealers arriving

or skip dealers leaving

the hauling

the scrapping

the giant cranes straining

denying us the chorus of bird song.

Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved


A detail from an original Painting by Marie-Helene Brohan Delhaye

see linkhttp://mhbd.blogspot.com/

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  1. Yes! Eating less meat, driving electric, but then I blow it all on flights! It's not easy.
    And yes, the noise of traffic and construction, the constant dust. I love it when I open the door early in the morning to let the cat in. All I hear then is birdsong.