Friday 1 April 2022

Writer's Block


We've all had it. I go through long spells of it. I rarely look up the internet for ways to break through it. Instead I cook, bake, sew, knit, garden,sleep... but really nothing satisfies me as much as writing something, anything.

So here's a link I did look up and liked, a very lively piece on the subject of writer's block.

Writer's Block


Abi Yitshaki from Words Matter by Wix suggests using pen and paper for a change or taking yourself off to a coffee shop. 

And of course keeping that ubiquitous notebook in your bag at all times.

Read, read, read...

Write, write, write....about absolutely anything...

Apparently first thing in the morning is the best time, something to do with the prefrontal cortex being most active at that time.... (I do find this to be the case. )

Then there' something called the Pomodoro technique which involves 25 minute sessions followed by a 3-5 minute break. (Well that would probably be all I'd ever manage at one sitting.) 

Revisit and perhaps revise earlier work...I like this one...

Anyway you get the drift...feed your creative monster, have no fear... and hey presto...

I'm off to try pen and paper for 25 mins....

Meanwhile I am revisiting and revising a piece I wrote which starts off with my then new shopping basket trolley/wheeler from Argos and ends up in Dungannon circa 1960




I had great hopes of travel when I bought that shopping trolley.You know the type:Tartan, two wheels,vintage.I might even reduce my Eco footprint and improve local air quality.My adult children said I'd look like Mrs Doyle and that I 'd have to say,"Ah, Go on! Go on! Have another cup of tea, Father!"I reminded them that I was Mrs Doyle and that shut them up.


There was a great array of shopping trolleys to choose from:The Hoppa , a folding four wheeler on tubular steel wheels and The Rolser Eco Pep Logic Tour Model, guaranteed to lower my footprint and reduce noise pollution. I opted for a two -wheeler from Argos, tartan : aka TWAT. And, on its first outing, pulled rib muscles- mine; what with the month's supply of flour and sugar and the dog food cans and the cat litter….


TWAT is now relegated to the boiler room; storage bin receptacle of shopping bags, extension leads,gardening gloves, coat hangers and items sundry.Wheels sadly obsolete.But when I look at it, I follow in Mrs Quinn's footprints,circa 1960, on her weekly shop up the Oaks, along Thomas Street, down Scotch Street, across Irish Street,ending up in the Square at McAleer's corner where the RUC barracks cast a long shadow and where higher up, and further back, the burnt out remains of O'Neill's Castle still smouldered and were about to become ignited all over again.


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  1. It felt like a good idea at the time.

  2. It sounds like the writer has been unleashed!! Nothing will get her back in her cage now!!