Friday 22 April 2022

Earth Day-Friday Poetry Prompt

 I find that the first line of a poem/story tends to wing in to me in the oddest of places. I rarely have a notebook at hand, despite the general stipulation to all writers that you should always carry one, a should that conjures up for me the notion of heavy duty task resulting in a drawer full of notebooks in pristine condition, so I'm lucky if the darn line hasn't floated away before I find a scrap of paper, receipt, tissue, corner of an get the idea...

My suggestion , as opposed to stipulation, is that you catch these ephemeral  beings before they escape you.

Three of my, let's call them, butterflies this week were:

Dog Hair will travel

I'm in love with the Angelus blacksmith/welder on the Six-One News

I like to take long hot showers.

I decided to develop this last one. More on that blacksmith at a later date.

And the Eamon referred to below is Eamon Ryan, Minister for the Environment.

And just by the way carbon-neutral was "word of the year" New Oxford American Dictionary 2006

Personal Impact Statement

I like to take long hot showers, Eamon

I like to think I can offset my shower  emissions

with vegetarian meals, absence of beef,

dearth or lack of long-haul flights

or flights of any duration for that matter,

my Shanks' mare footprint, my salvaged furniture,

recycled jumpers and ban on fast fashion.

By applying a carbon-accounting-frame to my lifestyle,

while not achieving full living-green-practices,

I hope to balance out as being at least carbon-neutral

if not net-zero, given that from the get-go

I do take long hot showers.

But a recent letter from Irish Water

To tell  me that I may have a leak

Is weakening my resolve.

Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

It happens to be Earth day. Follow link on Nearly New Cashmere Co site for tips

Earth Day


  1. Well, I can picture Eamon in the shower with you (fully dressed of course!!)!!! Or maybe that blacksmith!!!