Monday 11 April 2022

Knitting options-Shawl in a Ball


I think I'll make Monday my knitting commentary day as I'm always a step behind myself on Mondays and it's a good day to make plans

I did have enough yarn to finish those Pheasant socks(West Yorkshire Spinners) combined with the Fabel Drops in grey. And have now embarked on a pair using left over Robin (also WYS) and a lot of Fabel Drops in brown. The robin yarn I have left will only stretch to the cuffs ,heels and toes ,if I am lucky.

Meanwhile introducing you to Lion Brand's Shawl in a Ball.

My niece gave me a couple of balls of this.The patterns are free so you go online to

There I had some difficulty finding what I wanted but that's probably just me... So here are a few options for knitting a shawl in a ball.I'm not sure which one to go for...

knitting pattern- Easy shaped shawl

Milky Way shawl

Misty Haze cowl

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