Monday 18 April 2022

Shawl in a Ball 2

To continue with my blog on APRIL 11th I chose the easy shawl option, though I agree that Milky Way and Misty Haze sound more evocative, and after a week of shawl trawling I am only half way there. So much for easy...To be fair I only did an hour max a day but it proved to be a second- ticking hour. Not familiar with the pattern or the projected final shape of the shawl I made a couple of mistakes that went undetected. Once discovered I was unwilling to rip out an hour's knitting

 I have left them there- testimony to my lapses in concentration. I am not a perfectionist and once wound around the neck the glitch in the shape of the shawl will not be so noticeable. Next time, if there is one, I will know better. Basically you are either increasing a row by one stitch or you are increasing and then decreasing a row. Two rows to work and I got brain fog, forget the idea of watching a box set or the Six-One News or even All Creatures Great and Small while you tackle this shawl.

I did complete one brown Robin. By next week I should have a pair....

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