Sunday 24 April 2022

Sunday poem-Zaro Weil


Well yesterday was Shakespeare Day, according to an email I got from Poetry Foundation ,and my plan was to blog about that. But as usual I got distracted and scrolled down into the kids' poems. I love kids poems because I usually understand them ,which is not always the case in adult categories. And thus scrolling I discovered an author called Zaro Weil.

 I loved the 59 second rendition of her poem which you can listen to following the link.

A parade of Beast Doodles

And when I googled her website I found more to like. 

She is an American living in a hill top farmhouse in the South of France. (I fancy that too).

She started out as a dancer and worked a lot with children through circus theatre. She also collected quilts, over a hundred of them, and some dating back to the mid nineteenth century and has written a book or two about that.

I loved her definition of poetry as "having a lot to do with discovering meaning through an unusual heart throbbing placement of words"


"Using language to break the mood of the everyday and pitch us into new and show stopping ways of experiencing and reimagining the world."

On Sundays I indulge myself on exactly that. Hope you enjoy her poems too.

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