Friday 8 April 2022

Poetry Prompt day

 I'm hoping to make Friday my poetry prompt day so here goes.

An exercise I did this morning:

 Walking Molly in the woods/park I let a couple of words come to me. Big words that I wouldn't use much. Descriptive words. Words whose sounds were suggestive. I'm all for poetry being understandable but...  So on the beautiful morning that was in it words like translucent, resplendent and redolent came up.

Back home I checked the dictionary for exact meanings.Then I tried a couple of drafts of a cinquain.

You may stretch yourself to a longer form....

draft 1

The field 

in the morning

awash with translucence

shed from the clouds above my head

sheer bliss

draft 2


in the morning

slip-sliding over grass

awash with translucence being shed

from sky

draft 3


in the morning

slip-sliding over frost


with sky

(I like the third draft best. Maybe it has something to do with the power of 3)

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