Thursday 28 April 2022

Poetry Day


I was intending to re-blog one of my better poems today…to lift my spirits a bit ...but the poem below sort of hopped into my backpack on my way back from the park this morning and winged itself right through my front door.


The Brigade


I’d call us the Territorial Brigade

And we’ve planned an assault on M&S

A concerted morning raid

In pursuit of camouflage

Shorts for the summer

(If there is one)


Luna’s Mum started it last year

How we coveted those deep-throat pockets

Generous enough to contain the gear, the leashes,

Wind blocker caps, folding trowels, flashlight snipers

Essential morning mission equipment

For all-year-round engagement with the elements


And we’re all learning a foreign language

A buffer, in the event of invasion

Or overseas postings or even a holiday.

Most of it Hola! or Viel Spaß!

Junior Cert syllabus course material

Old school, old style, always works.


And in these days where the local has expanded

Beyond the village church and bell, 

It’s good to belong to a brigade, any brigade,

Even the Morning Combat Dog Walkers on Parade.

Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved


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