Monday 29 February 2016

A Hat and a Rant

A hat made from left- over wool.
This was supposed to be an adult size hat but ...
I didn't use the yarn indicated on the pattern so maybe that accounts for its small size.
My grand nieces will be pleased!
And an opportunity to use some of those buttons from my jar.
For details of hat pattern see my January post :Actual Yarns-Knitting  in Garter Stitch-Easy Knitting Projects

And here's one of those rant poems we can all relate to when things don't work out .....


Plonk retailing at 4.99
Olives stuffed with garlic wrapped in vine
Salt and vinegar hand- made- kettled
Lemon juice sting- Pickled anything
Aftertaste of too much Mai-Tai –
My feelings towards you
after all this time.

A text missive six months late-I hit block address and then overwrite
Extirpated leaf, shoot and bulbous root
Epithelial tumour from my right eye excised
that may still darken, thicken and spread
like saltpetre
like efflorescence
like you.

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2016

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