Thursday 11 February 2016

Happy Knitting

The cable pattern scarf is finished! 
And with wool left over I decided to make a hat- my first.

Mistake number 1:
Left over wool didn’t stretch to a hat so I had to buy more and still have left over wool!

Mistake number 2:
Thinking I might not have enough wool I made the hat a bit smaller than needed!!!

Motto of the story: If you have left over wool think hard about your options.

Eco-mutt are calling for coats for dog rescue
Check out for a free pattern at I did this but found the patterns here a bit complicated for me!!
 So anyone with an easy pattern for a dog coat? Please contact me.

You can leave your left-over-wool spun dog coats at Winnie’s Wool Wagon for collection by Eco-Mutt 
or, I’m sure, at any Dog rescue service. 

My first hat was easier than I thought it would be 
but I did go to You-Tube to figure out how to make that pom-pom.

Thanks You-Tube
Happy Knitting!


  1. The hat looks great! And the scarf too!

    1. He says it's a bit small for him....I will have to keep it myself!