Saturday 6 February 2016

How to fail in an interview.

No poem today although there may be one in this little tirade...if I dig it out.
A family member was interviewing for a job and I was invited to help out with the prep.
Some of the questions threw me off on another scent.

Think of a task that shows sustained effort, determination,persistence, blah blah...

You know the one!

Here would be my response if anyone cared to interview me.

Several tasks spring to mind: my attempts to make the perfect soufflĂ©, the perfect French baguette, the perfect Irish Stew. But the most vivid memory of sustained effort must be my recent efforts to have my internet connection restored.! 

We are all too familiar with making those calls that take us around the switch board and back while we listen to ten versions of Green Fields. 

I finally get to speak with technical support and am taken on a tour of my keyboard.
Half an hour later, having followed detailed instructions and having applied infinite patience, I am informed that the problem may be with my computer. I am reluctant to concede this. But I realise that further discussion at this point with this technician will not be fruitful.

 I try again. 

Half an hour later, having again followed instructions carefully and applied tact, consideration and patience, I am informed that I may need a new modum, ie black box. I am not convinced.

 I am the persistent type. So at 9.30, half an hour before the cessation of Technical  Service Support I try again. 

Emmet takes me through similar steps in which I am now a skilled performer. I even begin to anticipate his next manoeuvre and make suggestions. Emmet steers me through the resetting of my modum with a safety pin.

 And hey presto.....

I don’t need a new modum and I don’t have to buy a new computer!. 

Here's to the Emmets of this world!!!

Thank you Emmet!

But I don't think I'd get the job..................

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