Saturday 13 February 2016

To bolt or not to bolt?

Valentine Weekend Special cont….

At the beginnings of a romance there are those little indicators that we should pay attention to 
but never do….
to our peril.

Here’s a poem about a missed opportunity to bolt.

On Talking

We sit on a summer’s bench
Talking at angles, peripherally
About us, and where we are going

You like it wild and brief
You do not want the dead weight
of her regret, the morning after.
My heart has stopped
I cannot find the words
The white winter sun pours over us

I would want more, I say
And the weight falls
And the silence

And if you haven’t read Bring it On, an earlier post, here it is again.

Your friends all say, "Don’t go there!!!" But what do you do???

 You invite disaster, of course.

Bring it on

They say it won’t last.
Him with his webbed feet and shaggy mane.
The heat alone of him will melt me, they say,
erase my quarter, half and full phases,
my gibbous, crescent, waxing and waning moods.

Hang the consequences, I say, holding the apple between us,
me, like Eve, tempting him-
A kiss about to weld us into a near perfect O.
Expulsion from Eden, tree of knowledge, forbidden fruit,
Bring it on, I say, bring it on.

Based on The Marriage between the Sun and Moon By Fidelma Massey

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