Wednesday 17 February 2016

Pearl Shell Snood

Am really pleased with this snood! 
I made it with the left over wool from the man’s scarf featured in Monday’s blog. So these two patterns come together. And the wool here is again Wendy Evolve Chunky.

My first attempt at the pattern was disastrous.
There are some new manoeuvres here: knitting with yarn forward, wrapping yarn around needle twice, slipping stitches purl-ways and dropping extra loops….
This sounds more like the Antrim Reel to me!
I under wrapped and over slipped and ended up with a triangle.
But practice makes perfect …or nearly.

You can hide a lot of mistakes in this Pearl Shell Snood and as long as you go in the general direction of the pattern and end up with 89 stitches, by whatever means...
The odd overly zealous wrap or slip isn’t that noticeable. Provided you don’t actually drop a stitch!

I have boxed it in a beautiful empty French chocolate box. The chocs were great and came from Lyon and if I could buy them again I would…just for the box.

I have also been making labels from recycled cards, branding myself as Kate’s Knits.

I am not going to start a business
But it’s fun to give these accessories as presents,..Thank-yous, Happy Birthdays,  or just Hi!

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