Monday 15 February 2016

You Can't Win Them All....

Back to knitting. 

Another easy pattern to try is this man’s scarf in Hayfield Colour Rich Chunky. 
It's called  a Mistake Rib Scarf! No idea why. 
And I know I should know as I probably had to make the mistake repeatedly. 
But Am pleased with it and will do this one again in different colours.
At 51 inches, according to pattern, I think it's a bit short...but that can be remedied.

Hayfield Colour Rich Chunky 7296

However I was a bit ambitious with the Little Rose Cardigan.
My thinking on it wasn’t entirely faultless:
It’s small
And therefore quick?
Or maybe not!

I did try to watch a box set of The Honourable Woman at the same time!
If you haven’t seen it….This is a challenging drama, complex plot, flashbacks, subtitles; a lot of  them. Grim, did I say that already? Very bleak.

Anyway to cut a long yarn short I think I mixed the armhole edge with the front edge on the left front

There’s an awful lot of concentration required on these little pieces as they bellow in and out of shape at the blink of an eye.
No complacency, no getting into a TV/knitting routine, no chit-chat with your mate.

And then there are the Mental Mathematical Manoeuvres…
Decrease I st at armhole edge in every row AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st at front edge  in 3rd and every following 0 row….

WHAT IS A 0 ROW?? That type of problem….

So between trying to find out:
who “she could trust?”
and who “had agreed?”
and to what?

I lost both plots.

The left front might be a right front, but I’m not sure!!!

So either I stick with scarves or it’s TV off and specs on and no distractions.

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