Wednesday 10 February 2016

Check the Recycle Bin!

You wouldn’t think that detoxing your computer would lead to a poem.
We get so much info via emails, attachments etc from friends, and often after a cursory glimpse I delete, sometimes too quickly.
 Emptying downloads recently I came across the frame I’d missed.

Emptying downloads

Emails half scanned –
Baby Tina standing in a shopping trolley
Photos enviado desde mi iphone,
which you guess means what it means.

Fingers itch to delete the whole folder,
free up bytes, increase GB-
except that you might
jeopardise future internet operations.

And so you scan, frame by frame, click by treble click.
Are you sure? Are you really sure?
And pan-sifting the cloud waves you find it -
the frame that slipped your one minute post i-phone attention span -

Irene Sendler and the two thousand five hundred children
she smuggled out of a Warsaw ghetto
in her plumber’s toolbox and burlap sack.
They broke both her legs.

Wide lipped, broad faced Irene
her hair straight parted in the middle
a plaited coil halo-ing her head.
She didn’t win the Nobel Peace prize ahead of Al Gore or Barack Obama.

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