Thursday 4 February 2016

Love Lost-Freedom Gained

Given that we are in the month of February a few love poems, or even lost-love poems seem appropriate. I'm better at the lost- love ones as I said, so here goes with another sour grape poem.

Walking on eggshells

I tried hard not to step on your muse
who was so frail that even
my breath might break her shell-
Your shell -Your heart encased

in an eggshell.
And all the time I wanted to stomp.
If egg shells broke so be it!
Let birds hatch out of them!

I am cantering bareback now
Solid hoof across dense plain.
Your eggshells all lie scattered-
Nothing ever did hatch out of them.

No fledgling ever spread its wing to fly.
But I fly now -wind in my horse’s mane
horse-flank at my heel-
No need to stifle breath now

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2016

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