Monday 8 February 2016

Bending Rules

Knitting update.

Am currently undertaking a more demanding pattern: a man's scarf in Aran wool and involving a couple of cables. 
Have dropped a few stitches, lost count of pattern several times, etc etc etc
And am fed up with it 
And wish it was finished. 

But at 50 inches long I still have another 20 to go...I suppose it's like hitting the wall in a marathon.
I could cheat and make it a shorter scarf 
but the recipient is 6ft. 7in tall so perhaps I should just keep the head down and the needles clicking

King Cole Aran 3461

A friend said I should have garter stitched the middle section and cabled the two visible sides. 
Now that's what friends are for!! Making suggestions too late!!!

It set me thinking though about how, as we grow older, we don't give a fig about rules or shoulds or shouldn'ts  so here's a poem about that. 
Mary Kelly is not her real name but Mary knows who she is.....

What’s Ap

Mary Kelly’s eyelids flutter as the man’s name escapes her.
They tell her she’s “sharp as a tack compared with the rest.”
“Des,” she says, relief on lips tilted by the last stroke.

“I can’t hear her,” she says of me, and I raise my voice.
“I’m not deaf,” she says. “And the rest are dead!”

Her daughter pours tea through a strainer and we talk
 of faulty parking metres and GPAs and texting and What’s Ap.

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about,” she says:
Her eyes smiling at what she knows 
she doesn’t need to know.

Copyright with CathyLeonard 2016

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  1. It's looking good Cathy! I might be placing an order! Keep clicking!