Wednesday 24 February 2016

Little Rose Cardigan

The Little Rose Cardigan is finished!!
More woman hours than sense went into it.
My friends want me to stick with scarves
as my mood was "foul" throughout the duration of this project.
The needle work required is too fine for my clumsy fingers.
I need thick needles, chunky wool and no seams...
Not really for beginners.

And  so a poem about hope...


Having gathered myself from the bottom of the sea
Having rolled and stretched to the pull of moon and sun
Having furled and unfurled my long back for miles and miles
Having felt desire peak and wane at every fold
I fling myself now in the hope
That this last reach of me is far enough
That I will be released on your shore

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2016

1 comment:

  1. The cardigan is gorgeous. I'm sure they'll be very happy with it. And the poem - beautiful