Wednesday 2 March 2022

To Go grey or not?

We are now assessing the advantages of those Covid days. It really was an opportunity to go grey, if you were that way inclined. Several of my friends took the plunge and I did try......But my pepper and salt variety is not very flattering and I envy the ones whose white grey manes look like professional salon works of art. Age gracefully...I'm just not ready. 
Covid did take us out on walks, mostly to avoid people... so we made new friends with nature. This reflection was made during those days. 

Going Grey

This is the summer for aging, for letting it grow grey

For what reach of hand can span two metres and touch and not touch scalp?

And silent, bar the babble of social platforms and doom and fake news

And recalcitrant with once familial passersby

And virtual in our dealings with each other

Cultivating new friends like cloud and spring bud

Sprung out of storm and withering bough

And hope and pray that we too can weather this tide

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2020


  1. I bet they're all back at the hairdressers now!

  2. I envy those snow white 'grey' haired women. My grey just looked dirty. Hail the hairdressers!