Wednesday 9 March 2022

Left over wool and recycling


The Blue Lagoon socks are finished. I reckon it takes me up to 12 hours to complete a pair. You wouldn't earn much of an income making these, at least not at my pace.
The cost is probably around 4 euro. WYS (West Yorkshire Spinners) wool costs 8.50 euro a ball and Fabel Drops 3 euro. But I'm using left over wool here.

The recipient for these swam The English Channel- Lagoon socks have to go to a swimmer! 
Check out Winnie's Wool shop for lovely yarns and patterns.

Boxed and ready to go!
Don't forget to recycle pretty boxes and bags for your woollies


  1. That's an impressive pair of socks! very professional looking indeed.

  2. Thanks for that encouragement! After a dozen pair I'm still making mistakes.There's an unintended bit of moss stitch on the cuff but hey...a one off I say...and I find the cuff the most tedious part of making a sock with those little stitches slipping all over the place...