Wednesday 23 March 2022

Rough and Ready Salads

Given the lovely unseasonal weather we are having, here is a salad recipe adapted from Cranks. ( See my blog on Healthy Breakfasts -March 7th) My salads usually are a combination of lettuce, scallions and tomatoes with a few sprigs of basil if any has survived. But I had some spinach left over from another dish and rather than just add it to my go-to I looked up a salad- Spinach and Mushroom.

Am not into eating raw mushrooms but this was tasty.

Cut bread, whatever you have, into half inch cubes. Cranks suggest wholemeal

Heat chopped garlic  in olive oil. Remove garlic when brown and fry bread cubes until crispy. drain if you must!

Shred spinach and slice mushrooms.

Add to croutons in a salad bowl. Toss salad in dressing of your choice.

I like 6 parts olive oil, 2 parts balsamic, some grainy mustard and crushed garlic plus salt and pepper.

Fresh and tangy for these salad days.

And a poem on the subject of food...sort of...

How to Crack a Crab or Edit a Poem


Immerse in hot water

Boil, steam or braise until pink

Remove unwanted parts by snap-


Ping. Pry open apron and lose it

Twist off the shell and extract the core,

The heart, the body meat


Avoid the mallet and discard the shell,

The tendons, the juices, the extraneous bits

And there you have it


Finger-picked clean

A cracked-crab or poem

On the very same theme


Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2022

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  1. Since I don't cook, I will not try the salad or the crab! But I enjoyed the poem!