Thursday 3 March 2022

West Yorkshire Spinners-4 Ply wool- Blue Lagoon


Had the remnants of a ball of Blue Lagoon. West Yorkshire Spinners. It's 75% wool. 25% nylon and overall contains 35% Bluefaced Leicester. So I added the Fabel Drops , number 108, to make the sock stretch as it were!

I don't know who the Blue Lagoon is for, but someone will turn up at my door in need of a pair of socks.

Also I discovered a couple of wonderful knitting blog sites which will inspire me in the future to be more ambitious in my patterns....but not just yet. 

The first is a knitting blog by Mr Puffy

The second is Angela Gardner's amazing knitting patterns

Meanwhile my Miss Puffy aka Molly wants to be in the picture too......

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