Saturday 5 March 2022

Indian Takeaway


I just discovered why our Kitty, Sherlock Holmes, is not losing weight.

Always with his one eye to the pantry, he has found a fast food takeaway outlet right next door. All he has to do is scratch at the neighbour's window and hey presto- Indian takeaway.

The donor is not actually the neighbour..... but her new lodger.

Meanwhile back at the vets I am drawing up and redrawing up diet plans, scratching my head, buying fat free low calorie, probably taste free, nuggets from specialist outlets.

Yes, I did think about neighbouring food sources but everyone on the street is by now apprised of his weight loss programme- except for the new lodger, bless his soul.

Anyway Sherlock Holmes has now been caught in the act --

I'm re-posting one of my kitty poems and hope to make Saturday blog a day for Pet yarns 

Kitty Antics


He comes in from the sleet and rain and stands

while I towel dry him


And when he’s had enough of that he lets me know

his claws stretching for scratch


Then he throws himself on the kitchen tiles

Fridge magnet sprawl in front of fridge target


I shake fat-free nuggets into his bowl

But he's holding out for something better


I stroke his chin and tell him what a fine fellow he is!

He purrs up at this

Rolls on his back, gives me the eye

a look that rarely fails....


But when I walk away Sherlock knows -The Game’s Up 

And from the other room I hear the reluctant sound of feline crunch


Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved


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