Saturday 12 March 2022

Cat Tales


 Our Sherlock makes a proper breakfast out of flies on a daily basis. Even with his one eye and the two pins in his leg he's a danger to the diptera species. But sometimes he aims a bit higher up the food chain...

To the Cat who Swallowed a Wasp.


I too have mistaken it for a fly.

Its buzz Incessant. Its flight maze path

Vertiginous.Its speed blindsiding.

And the urge to pursue instinctual.


The mind cannot compete with that.

Common sense-two steps behind.

But, beware, if caught up in a chase

That is headlong


That allows no time out

That plunges you forward

On the doomed trail of a Pied Piper.

It’s likely that you may be mistaken.


If you had swallowed a fly

You may have come a cropper anyway.

But the taste would have been

More to your liking.

 Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved


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