Tuesday 22 March 2022

The Sherlock Saga- Episode 1


In Search of a Forever Home

(The yarn, somewhat guessed at in parts, of our Sherlock)

I was fond of food. Too fond of it. That was my downfall. Always first to the bowl. The others soon got tired of my agility and determination and the swipe of a claw sent me packing, minus an eye I have to add. My lateral vision somewhat compromised I set off in my good-eye direction until I smelt something cooking.

The aroma of fish drifted through the air. I followed the deliciously scented trail to a window left ajar and threw myself at the opening. The thrill of it, pan fried plaice within striking distance. Even the shriek from the doorway didn’t deter me from my purpose.

With a scoop of paw I knocked the plaice out of the pan and launched into it. It was hot, but delish. The shriek ceased and someone said, “Poor kitten, he’s only got one eye! He must be a stray. He must be starving!” It was a phrase I was to hear iterated over and over, and one that worked well to my advantage. Maybe I had found my forever home.


“What about our dinner?” a gruffer voice asked. Maybe not.


Granny Flanagan, for that was the shrieker’s name, scooped me up in her pinny, produced a carton of milk and filled a saucer.


“That cat can’t stay!” declared Gruff. “I’ll put an ad in Ed’s shop window. Someone must be looking for it.”


The thought of returning to the litter and having to fight my corner for a morsel of Felix tasty shreds filled me with dread. Not my forever home. I’d be on my way. Soon. But meanwhile there was still a sup of milk in the bowl and a few flakes of that plaice to be licked off the floor.


Gruff went off to pen the notice for the corner shop, Granny flashed a camera in my face, and plan B began to take shape. I was off on my travels again....

To be continued...

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  1. Grumps and Granny - the perfect couple to look after a one-eyed cat!